Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Loving my new camera!

I have finally brought myself a camera...I couldn't live without one anymore..So many pictures to take and no camera was driving me crazy..So I put myself first and went shopping...

The first week of the holidays have gone and my camera has been put to good use.
 Paul and I went up to Eildon for a few days to do some more work on the caravan..
When we got up there we went and had a look at the dam..With the amount of rain this winter, there was a lot of talk about the dam looking the best it's been in a long time...They weren't wrong..I couldn't believe the difference in water capacity compared to the start of the year....Great for the water sports..
While up there we also went down town to take some photos of two of my favorite places I like to visit..

This is a photo of the craft gift shop where I brought the Kookaburra magnet..
I couldn't help myself and brought a Possume magnet this time....Now to find another cast-iron pan!!!
This is a photo of a secondhand shop that amazes me with it's goodies...There is always new bits & pieces going into the shop..Some really old like this beautiful old Singer..
While up at Eildon, I took the oppotunity to finish Sarah's party dress I made  for her 6th Birthday Party we held for her on Sunday gone..
 I had scolloped the white part of the dress around the blue but it didn't last long once she started jumping on the jumping castle...
Not the right dress to be boucing around in..But she loved it and had the best time ever....
Sarah woke the next morning saying, "Mummy I'm still 6 years old"...She is so gorgeous...

It's great being a mum and watching the smiles on my childrens faces seeing them happy...It makes me happy and a happy mum makes a happy house....LOL

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  1. Hi Michelle,
    Oooh, nice photos with the new camera.
    Ah yes, the amount of water in Eildon at the moment is amazing and great all the locals!

    Sarah's dress is amazing, You're one talented, special lady!
    Happy creating,


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