Wednesday, September 7, 2011

'A Touch Of Risque'

Hello Bloggers...
This Piece Is called 'A Touch of Risque'..It was my boyfriend, Paul's birthday and I wanted to do something personal for him as a gift and so I decided to put everything that has inspired him throught out his band days into an Art Piece...

 Paul designed and had this guitar especially made, so I used it as my starting point for the art piece..>

I then gathered as much information:

His favorite Band,

Who inspired him,

His favorite songs,

Shows the band appeared in,

Oh and I better not forget the name of Paul's band 'Risque'.

Also added some symbols..The symbol were done using textured paste over a stencil I made..I then painted them and highlighted them with gold..

I put a wash over the article clipping once it was dry to give the art piece a rustic look..                              

The guitar was the tricky part..Trying to paint it to exact tested my skills but I think I got close enought.
I used DMC cotton and sewed on the strings..
Thank you for stopping by..  :-)