Monday, October 4, 2010

Thank you for stopping by to read my blog..
It makes me feel good when I read your comments.  It's very positive and encouraging..    
                                                              Thank You 

I have finally put 'Country Romances' together..."Go Me"...Now all I have to do is put the boarders on, sandwhich it together and then the fun begins with the quilting...How I'm going to quilt it, I don't know..I only have a small machine and a small table..LOL..The quilt is huge...I am always open to suggestions and ideas...

As most of us do...I have started another quilt...Well not really started...It's a UFO I've had sitting around and I have made it a mission to finish all my UFO's this year...

This one is called 'Girls Day Out'..By Libby Richardson...Click on her name and you'll find the quilt on her website...She has alot of  lovey quilts to look at...
This is block two of twelve...I usually start the blocks that I think are the easiest to do..LOL
I'm also quilting a table topper which I hope to finish this week, if not next week..
It's a special quilt top for a special friend and I hope she loves it....
Please take care out there in the big world and thanks again for reading my blog..
 You Rock 


  1. hey!

    you're going to FINISH ALL???? your UFO's this year??

    making me feel even more slothful than usual

    .....but I have *ahem* some UFOs if you run out.....


  2. Hey Michelle,
    Whoa, way to go!
    The quilt looks magnificent*
    Good on you for finishing off all your UFO's

  3. I just love your quilt Michelle...what a beauty!!and your stitcheries are awesome too...suggestion:..maybe you should granted your wish for a longarm machine...your quilts are worth it for sure!!..
    greetings Francien.

  4. Such a beautiful quilt you have created. I love the long rows of applique. thanks for coming by my blog to see my red hexie.

  5. Take heart and once your Girls day out is finished it will be wonderful. I finished mine last year and I found the little stitcheries you showed the most tedious. The interesting stuff is the easiest to do lol.
    Your blog is lovely...
    (I love the aussie love poem)


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