Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello my friends....Can I firstly say, welcome to Spring....Whoo Hoo...
I am so over winter and the rain and especially the wind...My sinuses have taken a battering this year  and can do with a break..LOL..even though it is Spring, I don't seem to suffer as much...However the flowers a taking a little while to bloom...Too cold still..grrr

I still haven't heard a thing from the hospital regarding my son Maison...Another thing that's taking awhile to come through...grrrr

I have been so busy working at the kindergarten....I've been given more hours than expected but I'm not complaining....The money helps....It's organising the kids...What a pain in the head...I'm not good at asking for help and feel really bad when I need to hassle my neighbour Anna to help.....
Thank God I have a fantastic friend who is always helping me..I love her to bits....

During the week I had finished another art piece...
An old cast iron pan was found in the caravan up at Eildon..At first it was going to be thrown out, but then I had an idea to use it...How, I wasn't quiet sure, but I knew it would make a great art piece for the wall...
Then one day I went down to the local store in Eildon where there was a cute little craft shop...
They had these hand painted magnets I just couldn't resist and ended up buying the Kookaburra..
When I got back to the caravan i looked at the two pieces and in time made them become one..
I have so many others bits and pieces to show..And I will as soon as I get a camera.....grrr
Thanks for dropping by and reading my blog...if anyone has any ideas on how to generate more interested folllowers, please share!


  1. I love the pan looks great!!
    And to get more followers one has to leave some comments at your followers blogs too..then most of the time they come back here when you leave a reaction ...i always try to make something in a fortnight and post it so my bloggingfriends don`t loose interest..

    greetings Francien.

  2. You are so creative. what a great way to reuse the pan.
    I pray that all goes well with your son. I know it can be very frustrating when you are trying to help and protect your children. We only want the best for them.

  3. Hey Michelle,
    I'm glad I can help out!
    That's what good friends are for.
    Happy creating,

  4. Hi Michelle,
    You are one talented "cookie" for sure. That pan is gorgeous! love it!
    Thanks for visiting my blog ... am following you now...Oh, sorry about your son; praying for swift recovery.
    big hugz

  5. I love your idea with the magnet and the frying pan. Brilliant!
    Thumbs up for more sunny and warm spring days to come.
    Greetings Monique

  6. nice to see a findished project!




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