Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Almost done..Yeah.

Hello, hello, hello,

What a busy two weeks it has been..In my last post I wrote about a quilt I've been working on, 'Country Romance'..
I am almost finished...The blocks are all preped and ready to be 'blanket stitched' and the 2.5 are all cut out ready to join the blocks together...
I'm so excited...But oh how my body aches from all that cutting...

How cute are the bees on the leaves?

Still a long way to go..Next is the boarders...

Maison and Sarah are back at school, which means painting is back on...Yippie...
I've been working on a frame for my bathroom mirror and am almost finished...I can't wait to put it up and add some finesse to what is a very plain bathroom...Along with my  hand-towels that I've made, it's going to look inviting...I'd better stock up on some candles...  :-)

I've made a lot of quilts over the years and thought I would put one up every now and then for 'show & tell'
This one is called 'Roamance & Roses' a pattern I'd gotten from ' Craft Haven 'and it was the first time i had conquered the 'bullion stitch'..
 I really didn't know what I was going to do with it...But as the end of completion was near and so was Xmas, I thought it would make a great gift for my big Sis...
When it came to quilting, I did a 'stitch in the ditch' around the blocks, a 'wave' stitch on the sashing and a 'straight stitch' on the boarders..

Well, thats all for now.
I hope you enjoyed reading my post...I will keep you up to date on 'Country Romance'...and hopefully I will have a pic of my Bathroom frame finished...

Until then take care everyone....Cheers


  1. Good Mormning Michelle from Holland..i love your post...your Country Romance quilt is going to be a awesome one from what i can see here...and the Romance and Rosesquilt is lovely...i dont know yet what a bullionstitch is but i am going to find out after i post this comment...please do show us your quilts here...its always an inspiration to see beautiful finished quilts like your RR one...good luck with the bathroom!!
    greetings Francien.

  2. Here i am again Michelle...lovely that you are a follower of my scrapcardblog..but i forgot to tell you that i also have another one thats perhaps more up your "alley"about patchwork among other hobby`s, so if you have the time i would love that you have a look at this blog..
    thank you and greetings again...Francien.

  3. Hi Michelle,
    You're quilt is looking fantastic.
    Hm, those 2.5" blocks are not for me.
    I'd sew on strips or sashing. lol
    Happy creating,

  4. Hello Michelle, Bernard from England.
    Or I should say from Monkey-Organ blogspot.
    I got your link from Francien in Holland by the way. What I like, very much is your little virtual pet, the Monkey. I need one, where do they come from?

  5. Cant wait to see it looks gorgeous so far

  6. Oh the quilt is coming along just beautifully.....keep at it and don't get distracted by your me :0)

    Happy Sewing


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