Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Mother's Day :-)

Hello there,
Again it has been a busy few weeks...And eventually I've manage to jump onto the computer before my son gets home from school to take over...LOL....He just turned 10 on the 1st May, but the poor boy had spent most of the day in bed with ear infections...Fortunately for him, we planned his party this weekend....My Daughter however got to celebrate, as she lost her first tooth... A day I won't forget......

To keep you up to date on 'Country Romances', I have put all the 2.5 squares onto each block...
I still need to finish some blanket stitching and then I will start putting it together....
There are also three more boarders to put on and then the sandwhiching begins....

Over the past two weeks, my good friend Anna Rosa and I had a few play- days together where we would find something interesting to make that we haven't done before...
 Anna had come across a purse pattern that is avaliable at Quiltsalott blogspot...I really like mine and had made a few more to give out as gifts...

We also made a tote bag that I'd come across in the Handmade magazine..I first made one for my daughter to see how it would come out..I liked it heaps but it was a little big, so I cut down the size a little and made another bag for my mum for mothers day..

I have also painted a Paper Towel holder for my mum....The idea is one of Anna Rosa's and with her guidence I painted it..I'm slowly getting the hang of 'Folk Art'.....  :-)

Wow my mum is going to be very spoilt this year....A long with  the bag, I'm also giving my mum a few more handmade gifts.....One of the purses, a kitchen set (glove, tea towels etc..), some hand towels for her bathroom, a hand painted paper roll holder and lastly a plastic bag holder which I'm still yet to do....

Happy Mother's Day...........


  1. Hi Michelle,
    Well done on the "Country Romance" quilt. You have more patience than me! lol
    Your Mum should be thrilled with all her gifts(I hope she doesn't peak before sunday)
    I know how much time and effort you've put into making all these hand made gifts.
    Happy Mother's Day to you.

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes. A happy Birthday to your son as well. Its great to have everyone altogether. Happy Mothers Day!
    Your quilt looks awesome.

  3. Your quilt is looking gorgeous. Im sure your mum will love all her gifts :)


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