Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Happy Easter"

Wow, what an Easter holiday... So much fun and yet exhausting....

Paul and I loaded up the trailer and car and took the kids up to Eildon for the Easter break...We stay there often over the holidays, about a ten minute walk from the town...

I didn't think we would get up there as Paul had gotten my nasty flu, but he soldiered on and off we went..

(I'm always amazed, when we drive up, at how the ferns and trees have grown back after 'Black Saturday)...

The weather was great, the kids were excited and so was I...They get to see the friends they've made and make knew ones..

This Easter the park had gone all out, spraying bunny foot prints all over the roads leading into the van sites..

On Easter morning when my daughter (Sarah) woke up and saw the prints..She really thought the Easter bunny had come...Especially when she noticed there were eggs hidden inside the van...She was so excited...Even more so when I told her the Easter Bunny was coming to the park...

She waited and waited and finally the fire truck arrived, with the sirens on...Standing on the truck was a Koala...Sarah was a little puzzled as to why?...I told her he was filling in for the Easter Bunny...She didn't mind when she saw he was throwing out Easter eggs...

Wow...i didn't realise how full the park was, until the children come running over...The busiest I've ever seen it...

And I forgot to take my camera.. :-(..

My son (Maison) did the usual...Play in the pool and when he eventually dragged his wet body out, he was riding his bike....He doesn't like chocolate so he wasn't interested in the Easter Bunny...(What child doesn't like chocolate?)..

When I go up to Eildon, I like to take some sewing with me...This time I took up a template design... I've never done paper piecing before and thought I'd have a go...It was easy as...Just not sure what to do with the blocks now...??????

Any Ideas?

So back to my story....Our holiday had come to an end and home we went...Silly me forgot about daylight savings ending and was going by the wrong time....hehehe

Tuesday night comes and my body clock is still in daylight savings mode....What to do?

I took out a quilt that I'm working on as a project with my favorite girls...We try to get together every Friday for a chat and a sew...Not sure if we get much sewing done, as it's also a support group for when someone is feeling down....(Cowboys are great for theses sort of days)....We also have girly days where we play hairdresser and everyone gets their hair done...Fortunately we have two hairdressers in our group....

Anyways, the quilt is called 'Country Roses' very similar to 'Nanna's Farm'...Another design from Patchwork Pumpkin....I've almost finished the blocks and then I have to join it with, roughly about 400, 2.5inch squares...A lot of cutting...I can't wait to have it all together...

I love doing applique, choosing colours and seeing it all come together...


  1. Hey Chookie,
    That paper piecing work of art could be turned into a quilt for my bed. lol
    Well done.

  2. Sounds like your Easter was a lot of fun.
    You could applique the star block to a background square and then sew all those sqaures to make a quilt.
    A very pretty quilt you are working on.

  3. This quilt looks fabulous! I too love applique and am starting to do it more. Playing with the colors is so fun! Great job!

  4. Hi Michelle,
    I popped on over from Anna's blog.
    Your sewing is beautiful and you also did a wonderful job of the craft angel. I hope you enjoyed my design.
    Pop on by and say hi!
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne


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