Sunday, June 19, 2011

'A Message In A Can!'

A Big Boo Hoo to me for missing last months OPAM!
I've had so much going on like kids, work, funerals and the many little distractions that seem to sneak there way in....BUT,  the most surprising thing to happen to me was, finding out I have a high grade of dead cells on the cervix through having a pap smear...
I now have to have a biopsy and talk about options....
It was a shock...I am also going throught what the doc's say is pre-menopause..Not fun since I'm only 37...However, I have an overactive thyriod that has been playing up , which could be cause of my symptoms of early menopause.....It's so much to take in and very exhusting...

I missed my last months OPAM due to being extreamly tired and having the Can't Be's..
When I had manage to somehow find some engery I spent it doing the house work, looking after my rugrats and some sewing...Not to mention the odd fill in at the kindergarten..

My OPAM this month is my Jean Bag....
So easy to make and a good way to recycle your jeans...You can find this free idea from justchic

It was my niece's 16th birthday and she loves zebras...I found this really cute zebra print from the last craft show in Melbourne and made her a pillow collection and a make-up bag to go with.

I brought this really cute Bunny design that comes from the very talented Kerryanne of woodberry designs...

                                             It was fun to do and makes a great easter present...
Do you remember theses Aussie icons? My good friends and I went to see them at Milano's hotel in Brighten..They were ace!!!!
This is me with my very close girlies..
Me & Brian Mannix
Me & Eva von Bibra from the Chantoozies.
Rach & Scott Carnes from 'Kids in the Kitchen'
As my message in the can says 'Thank -You'!
Yep you are seeing a bean with a meassage on it...It was so cool to watch it grow and then being able to put it into the garden and grow yummy beans....
I'm hoping they with make some 'Merry Christmas' ones....Would make a great gift...
I got mine from my boyfriend Paul..He has a couple of shops  that deals with everything you need for the garden...

Wow, I hope I didn't talk your ears of, or should I say eyes...LOL
Anyways, take care and make sure you have your pap-smear test done...Very important..
Hugs to you all,
Crafty Chookie


  1. I hope there is nothing seriously wrong with those cells that they found and your doctor sorts things out for you. Take care of you and take it easy. I love those beans with the messages on them :) Great bags too :) hugs Vicki

  2. Hi Michelle,
    Good luck with the biopsy and your clinic visit.
    Lovely bag honey, great way to recycle old jeans!
    The Zebra print is gorgeous, what a lucky niece you have. I'm sure the gifts are appreciated.
    Cute bunnies too.
    Creative hugs,

  3. Love to read posts of this and posts of that .... makes for very pleasurable reading. Particularly love the bunny you created! Clear to see you had a fun night out with the girls 'talent scouting':)

  4. I hope that you have received good news and that you are feeling better! It seems you have made up for missing OPAM last month with your lovely projects! I love the pillow and makeup bag - the bunny is way out of my skill level - impressive! Cheers, Brenda


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