Wednesday, March 16, 2011

'Daily Cares'

 Hello friendly bloggers,

Here is my OPAM for this month..  It's a UFO I've had sitting around for some years..  Unfortunately, I don't remember the creator of this lovely stitchery, so I've called it 'Daily Cares'.

I soaked the background in Parisian browning Essence and then once dryed I drawed out the pattern..
Instead of using only stitchery, I also used pastel pencils and coloured the design in.. I then put a fabric medium over the top and allowed it to dry over night..

To help stablize the material while stitching, I used a thin pellon and ironed it to the back of the block..

I also put the pellon on the boarders and backing to give it an all over, even feel too it.

To make sure everything sticks, I quilted the boarders and backing..
Sew it together and finished it off
with a zip..

And here is the finished project.. A 'Daily Cares' Cushion...

So what's next?  Still lots of material to use up from the cushion..  I have an idea...
Here is a sneak preview..

I hope you enjoyed looking at my OPAM for this month..  My next project is a bit of a challange, but exciting at the same time.. Please drop by again..Smile to you from,
Crafty Chookie


  1. Hi 'Chelle

    the pattern designer is Phillipa Morris, and her site is

  2. Hey Chookie,
    Great, pretty work here!
    Well done,
    Happy creating,

  3. A pretty cushion with a lovely verse.
    Well done on an OPAM and a UFO!

  4. What a cute little cushion! You do really nice work.I've just read thru your blog as I'm a new follower and you are a multi talented crafter! Great to have a UFo finished and an OPAM item as well! Congrats! :)


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