Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My first OPAM Project.

Hello, Hello, Hello

I truely hope you're all well and taking some time out to explore your creative side.
I have..Hehehe...
I brought some jaguar print that was on special, took it home.
and started sewing my first OPAM..

I made this cute brooch cushion, a pattern you can find on a blog called "Our Shabby Cottage"  .  I added some vanilla scent to the polly fill before filling to add that extra special touch...
This is a 14" cushion with ruffles around all edges...I sewed a loose stitch then sat on the couch watching one of my favorite show's, CSI and a couple more, pulling the string...

This is a 14"x21" pillow with ruffles sewn only on the the sides...
I had some plain pillow cases that just happened to be the same colour cream I was using, so I sewed a strip of the jaguar print to match..

This is the set together.
And I still have some material left over to add to my Jaguar collection.
Hummmm, what to make next?

I have started my next OPAM for March.  I saw my creative friend working on her's and loved it and wanted to have a go at trying & applying the same technique.
Here is a sneak preview..

Thank you for dropping by..
Big smiles to all,
Crafty Chookie


  1. Hi Crafty Chookie,
    Way to go with the cushions and pillow cases.
    They look very cosy~
    Ah, you're sneak peak is look fabulous!
    Happy creating,

  2. Oh I love your Jaguar print and the way you are suing it! And I love your sneak peak of embroidery! Great job!

  3. Hi!
    I knew I had been here because I loved these pillows and the trimmed pillow cases. Oh my, the sneaky peek is simply gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing more or of it!



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