Sunday, November 7, 2010

Busy Bee! Busy Me!

Hello Bloggers...
I have been such a busy bee, trying to get soooo much done before Christmas..

Here is the table topper I was quilting for my fabulous friend Anna of Anna Rosa Desings....All done...  :-)

It took a little longer than hoped, but its finally finished..  I wanted to fussy quilt but unfortunately my partner in crime LOL (the sewing machine) decided to play up...
I ended up putting on the darning foot a did some merandering...And to make it a little fancy I sewed little tassles in each corner as I was doing the binding..
Over all, I'm happy and most importantly, so is Anna...

I have also finished the bathroom mirror boarder.....A dinner late was used to create the scollop edge and the paint design came from a soap plate....Consistency, Consistency & Hard Work...BUT I love it so much and can't wait to put it up and start decorating my bathroom.

Last week my daughter's fav teacher was leaving...I have to say, she was my favorite too...Straight away I wanted to make something for her as an appreciation for the interest she showed in my daughter.... 'A Brooch Cushion'....This design comes from a lady called Kathryn...You can find this cute pattern at 'our shabby cottage'

It's hard to know what colour people like, so I went with a soft tan & cream to match the cute ribbon flower I learnt to make from a book called "Creative Crafts"....To finish it off, I sewed a button onto the centre of the flower and put vanilla essence drops onto the stuffing to add scent...

Before i finish I just want to let you know what's happening with my son Maison...
He finally had his operation on the cartlige of his nose and his adnoids cleaned up...He went in on Wednesday and although he looks really good, he is in so much pain...And night time is tuff as he can't breathe just yet...It's going to be a long journey, but one for the best...No cure for Sleep Apnea but he'll be a better boy during the day....  :-)  No more breathing throu the mouth...

This week I take my daughte Sarah the Royal Children's on Thursday, for her check up...She was born with squints (crossed eyes)...She has had two operation so far and hopefully won't need anymore...If only she would take more care of her glasses...Just found them after a week of searching..grrrr....
Anyways gotta keep going....Eventually this will all pass and the kids will be medically fine...
I know their are children out there suffering a lot more...My children fortunately can be healed....   Woohoo! Wow, now that I have filled you with so much....I hope you have a fantastic week...And remember..Christmas is not far away and neither is my birthday.....Hehehehe


  1. You did an awesome job on everything!!
    good luck with your kids getting better. luckily they bounce back pretty quick. Adults would complain for ever ;)
    They'll be all well for the xmas holidays :D

  2. Hi Michelle,
    THANK Y0U, for my gorgeous table topper. It really brightens up my kitchen and everyone gives lovely comments!
    You did a fabulous job on your mirror surround and cushion.
    Fingers crossed Maison will sleep better and Sarah goes well on Thursday.
    Happy creating,

  3. Michelle...your table topper is just wonderful! You have done a good job! So pretty and feminine!

  4. The quilt and pillow are so pretty. Really nice gifts for sure.
    So sorry to hear about your children. It is tough to see them go through so much.


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