Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's all about time!

Well it's official. I don't have enough time to do the things I love..

With the winter colds, kids being sick, school holidays and being ill myself, I haven't done much but make bags..
I hoping when things settle down, I can get back to finishing off 'Country Roses' and creating heaps of new projects.

Over the holidays, we went up to Eildon.  It was so cold, especially at night, there was ice outside on the air cooler/heater.  Paul had to hammer it off..
We did manage to get the kids out and did a bit of fishing of the banks of the pondage. No luck on fish for dinner.. :-(
I am always amazed at how fantastic the land and trees are growing back after 'Black Saturday'. 

Here's another quilt that was made a few years ago.

My good friend Tracey and I thought we would make our mums a quilt for mother's day. We chose a pattern called 'Forget Me Not',  (Sorry I don't remember who designed the pattern), and I had chosen reds and creams, Tracey chose blue and creams.
My mum loves it and uses the quilt always..

I want to give out a huge Thank You to Kerryanne English from 'Shabby Art Boutique'.  I enjoyed doing the course 'Embracing the Passion'.
I have learnt things I'd never done before and it's great cause now I can help my children be creative when it comes to projects for school..
I will surely keep it up and hope to become better in the future...

Be patient with me and my blog..I will get better at keeping up with my posts..(LOL)
I will try...
Thanks for reading...:-)


  1. the pattern is either from June Gilchrist or Patchwork Pumpkin......

    nice to see you back!!

  2. Hi Chris.
    Thank you for your comment.
    You are right..It was 'Patchwork Pumpkin'.
    I should've remembered..I've done a few quilts of her's and she is known for her 2 1/2 inch squares. A real pain but fun to do.
    Cheers Michelle :-)

  3. The quilt looks beautiful ! Congratulations on doing Kerryannes class , she is so clever !

  4. The quilts are awesome Michelle...and the mums will still use and love them i guess..and you take your time if you dont feel well...somethimes "live"comes between all...thanks for your lovely comment on my blog...i am a follower of your blog so i see when you will post again...take care...greetings from Holland Francien.

  5. Hi Michelle,
    I know what you mean about time restraints-Ah, we all need to make some ME time!
    I'm sure it was freezing up at Eildon!
    Warm Hugs,


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