Friday, March 19, 2010

Pretty up the kitchen!

My good friend and neighbour, Anna Rosa , showed me some tea-towels that she had prettied up for the kitchen. I love it so much I had a to try one myself, but took it one step further and made a glove and tea-pot coaster to match. A little rough, but practice makes perfect. What a great idea for pressies....


  1. How did you get the binding to turn the corners on your potholder? Whenever I try it looks messy with ugly kinks in the binding.

  2. Hello Tammy,
    Firstly I trimmed around the corner edge using a small plate as a guide to get a round edge. Then I cut the binding on the bias, so I was able to gently sew the binding around the corner stretching as I went. Cheers :-)

  3. Hi Michelle,
    Well done on your posts and your cleverly made pieces.
    I'm sure Sarah is thrilled with her quilt.
    Watch out with taking it to school, you may get heaps of orders! lol


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