Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November OPAM

Hello blogger,

My OPAM this month are three Cloth Books.
I had the opportunity to work with the 4yrs old kinder group while one of the teacher's took a well deserved holiday..
While there I came up with the idea of getting the children to draw on a piece of cotton and the I would turn it into a book.
There were three groups with 22 children in it..A task in a half  and three weeks later I manage to have all children do a drawing.
But firstly we had to have a title. 'MY Favorite Thing To Do At Kinder Is?
The children then drew a picture of their favorite thing.


The start of the sentence is eg: 'Sarah's favorite thing to do at kinder is? And then they would tell me what it is they like doing. They would then draw a picture using T-Shirt texters.
I then took it all home and painstakingly worked out how to put it all together..
 After sewing the blocks together, I sew two button hole stitches and the thread a piece of ribbon to bind the book.

The teachers were amazed and the children so excited, they couldn't wait to sit down a find their story..
The books will be raffled off to the parents to raise extra xmas money for the children's end of the year party.

A book of memories!