Saturday, April 30, 2011

"Memories of Mum"

Hello Blogger..

I've done it..I completed this month's OPAM...But oh what a challenge..I started with the left over print that I used on the cushion in my last post..

                        I then chose a pattern from AP & Q  magazine called 'Memories of Mum'
Such a beautiful title, I thought.. :-) Being mother's day this weekend..The pattern is by Cheryl Filby.

Instead of appliqueing the flowers, I used pastel pencil and colored the flowers in..I fixed the color using a textiles medium..
I then hung the flower prints on the clothes horse to dry over night..
 Once dried I placed each print onto a thin pallon to give it extra strength when I hand sewed around the outline of the flowers & hearts..
 The challenge for me was to incorporate the flower print into the quilt...Bright colors seemed to be the go..
 There were alot of strips to cut..

Another challenge was the quilting...I did  'Stitch in the Ditch' along each strip and around the flower squares...On the flower print boarder I did some meandering

I love my quilt...It all worked out well...It took some time, but I don't think I have ever done a quilt in one month...I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at my pics..
I would like to say a Big Big Big Happy Birthday to my boy Maison who is turning 11 tomorrow..
Hugs to everyone from Crafty Chookie..